If you have a question that is not here, email adventure recreation at adventurerec@athletics.psu.edu.

What are the Adventure Recreations Center's (ARC's) hours?
We are open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the Fall & Spring Semesters. Saturday & Sunday - CLOSED. Summer hours are M-F 9am-1pm. You can also call or email us ahead of time to make an appointment!
What is the phone number?
(814) 863-2895
What is your email address?
How do I sign up?
It's really easy! Reserve your seat by coming to the Adventure Recreation Center (ARC) located in 133A White Building and pay the cash fee for your chosen trip. You must present your PSU ID and Health Insurance Card and complete the Adventure Recreation waiver to complete the registration process.
What should I bring when I sign up?
PSU ID, Health Insurance Card, and Cash Payment
Can I register my friend?
Yes! Have your friend(s) fill out the waiver (found on our TRIPS page) and bring the completed waiver(s) and registration fee to the ARC.
Do people usually sign up in a group or individually?
Both! Some people sign up with friends, while others sign up by themselves for the opportunity to meet new people.
Where do trips go?
Trips go to destinations within Pennsylvania and to surrounding states in the Northeast, such as West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia.
How long do trips last?
Trip durations can range from single-day to weekend-long trips. While day trip durations vary based on the trip activity and location, weekend trips leave Friday afternoon and return Sunday evenings. Friday departure time is usually between 3 and 5 p.m., depending on participantsí class or work schedules.
How many people go on a trip?
This varies per trip. Depending on the activity, trips usually vary from 8 to 14 participants.
Is there a membership fee?
No! This is not a club, so you pay per trip or activity that you attend.
Am I required to go on a certain number of trips?
No. As per UPAC policy, students may register for a maximum of 3 trips each semester at the student rate. Students may register for additional trips at the affliate rate.
Can non-UP Penn State students or community members come?
Adventure Recreation welcomes Penn State students from all branches, as well as faculty and staff. However, we are not permitted to take non-affiliated community members on our trips. Only enrolled PSU University Park students qualify for the discounted trip rate through UPAC.
Can I pay by credit, debit, or a check?
No, we only accept cash. You must pay in person at the Adventure Recreation Center.
What's included on the trips?
The flat fee you pay at registration will include your transportation, lodging, personal and group gear, food, and any miscellaneous fees associated with outdoor activities.
Is there anything else I will need to bring for the trips?
Maybe. Necessary equipment depends on the trip activity, terrain and weather conditions. While Adventure Recreation provides necessary group and personal gear such as cooksets, tents, backpacks, headlamps, sleeping bags/pads, kayaks/canoes, fly fishing equipment, climbing ropes, shoes, helmets, harnesses, etc., the participant is responsible for bringing appropriate clothing and personal items such as medications, water bottles, sunscreen, etc. You will be informed at the pre-trip regarding of all additional equipment you will need.
When are the pre-trip meetings?
Pre-trip meetings will typically take place on Tuesday or Wednesday evening of the week preceding the trip in the White Building.
What if I can't make the pre-trip meeting?
Attendance at the pre-trip meeting is MANDATORY. Should you be unable to attend due to a personal emergency, illness, or mandatory test or class you must contact the trip leader prior to the meeting. The pre-trip meeting is extremely important because you will review the details of the trip location and daily itinerary, departure and return times, required gear, participant dietary restrictions or pertinent medical conditions, each day's menu, and other important details. You will also meet your trip leaders and other trip participants and have the chance to address any questions or concerns.

Equipment Rental

Adventure Recreation has a full line of equipment available for rental. You must give at least 24 hours notice through either email or phone call to rent equipment. Drop-in rentals are not guaranteed! Please see rental forms below for our gear list and pricing.