The Advanced Scuba Diver course

This course is designed to provide the already certified SCUBA diver with increased knowledge and skill practice while under the supervision of an instructor.

Course description

The Advanced Scuba Diver course is designed for any certified diver to improve their diving ability by performing 6 dives in varying environments while conducting various activities.

Of the 6 dives completed, the three required activities are:

  • navigation dive
  • night dive
  • deep dive (greater than 60 feet)
The remaining 3 dives typically consist of:
  • bouyancy practice
  • underwater searching
  • external wreck surveying

A strong focus on bouyancy control and dive planning will be incorporated in all aspects of the course.

Who can take this course

This course is open to any University Park Penn State student, faculty, or staff who is age 18 and older, already a certified scuba diver through a recognized certifying agency, and is medically cleared for SCUBA diving.

How much does this course cost

The cost of the course is around $355.00 (Actual cost will be announced with each course offering. This estimate is subject to change without notice.)

Participation and payment for this course DOES NOT guarantee you will be certified. Students need to successfully and safely complete all course activities in order to be certified.

The cost of the course includes transportation to and from the dive sites and all instructor, certification, entrance, and equipment fees.

Food and/or beverages are not included in the cost of the course.

Unlike scuba courses at a dive shop, you are not required to buy any equipment. You need only supply a swimsuit and towel. We provide all the equipment. You are welcome to purchase and use your own equipment, although the instructor reserves the right to not allow you to use your own equipment if it is deemed inappropriate or unsafe for use in this course.


Full refunds are only issued if Adventure Recreation cancels the dives or the student is found to have a medical condition that puts him/her at an increased or unsafe risk for scuba diving.

Where, when, and how long is this course

This course is only offered during the fall semester every year.

The course is conducted in 3 days over 2 weekends. All students will participate in the first two days of diving during the first weekend and then the students will be broken up into two groups for the second weekend; half doing their deep dive on Saturday and the other half doing their deep dive on Sunday.

In addition to the two weekends of diving there is also a one night lecture and written exam.

When is the next course:

  • Fall 2015

Is this a Penn State course, can I get credit?

This is not an official Penn State course and credit is not available.

Questions or concerns

To protect your own privacy, please do not email overly personal or medical-related questions. Email a phone number or ask for one to call.

Please direct any questions or concerns about this course to the instructor, Paul Rentschler. He can be reached via email at