Adventure Rec Staff

  • Danny Williams

    Adventure Recreation Program Coordinator

  • Paul Rentschler

    Paul Rentschler

    SCUBA Diving Supervisor

    Paul has been an active member of the scuba diving community at Penn State since he came to University Park in 1996. Becoming a NAUI-certified instructor in 2002, he thoroughly enjoys teaching Penn State students to become well-trained, safe divers.

Student Staff -- Updates Coming Soon!

  • Emily Paskewicz

    Emily Paskewicz

    Senior, Landscape Architecture and Geography

    Emilys love of the outdoors started with family canoe expeditions at age five and has only grown from there. She spends her summers as a camp counselor teaching kids to backpack, conserve, and love nature while running barefoot in the woods and napping in canoes as much as possible. Her favorite outdoor activities include backpacking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, trail running, and skiing, just to name a few!

  • Tara Soukup

    Tara Soukup

    Junior, Bio Behavioral Health

  • Christina Spohn

    Christina Spohn

    Junior, Recreation, Parks and Tourism Management

    Christina loves pretty much everything about being outside. She was born and bred north of Pittsburgh, PA and has been camping since the ripe old age of 9 months old. She is a lifelong Girl Scout and enjoys teaching kids all about the outside world, especially spiders! She also spends her summers working on trails throughout the National Park system. Her favorite outdoor activities include backpacking, canoeing, hiking, swimming and just plain ol' campin' out!

  • Donavin Stanley

    Donavin Stanley

    Sophomore, Chemical Engineering

    Donavin is a native Pennsylvanian who loves to spend his time outdoors. Hiking, camping, caving, and rock climbing are a few of his favorite outdoor activities and he hopes to expand this list as he gets more involved with Adventure Recreation. Donavin also enjoys long-distance running and is going to run a Spartan Sprint this summer (2013). Donavin is also a member of PSU Engineers Without Borders and works at the Rioux Lab at Penn State.