Adventure Rec Staff

2013-14 Trip Leaders

Regular staff

  • Jeff Chismar

    Jeff Chismar

    Adventure Recreation Program Coordinator

  • Liam Baggott

    Liam Baggott

    Full Time Intern

    Liam is in love with the natural world! He earned his B.A. in Ecology from Sterling College in 2006, and since then has been all over the U.s. from coast to coast mountaineering, rock climbing, and skiing. He also loves to teach and is extremely friendly. Stop by the Adventure Recreation Center and say hi!

  • Jim Litrun

    Jim Litrun

    Fly Fishing Supervisor

    Jim is a retired business executive who lives in Warriors Mark. After living around the country, he moved back to PA because he loves the change of seasons, the hills and mountains, and best of all, the great trout streams in the area. At age 62, Jim stays active exploring for new fly fishing spots, skiing, hunting and shooting. His most memorable fishing experience was catching a seven-foot, 400-lb. goliath grouper in the Florida Keys. Oh yeah, the 150-lb. swordfish (pictured) was fun, too!

  • Paul Rentschler

    Paul Rentschler

    SCUBA Diving Supervisor

    Paul has been an active member of the scuba diving community at Penn State since he came to University Park in 1996. Becoming a NAUI-certified instructor in 2002, he thoroughly enjoys teaching Penn State students to become well-trained, safe divers.

Student Staff

  • Rusty Voight

    Russell Voigt

    Russell has always loved skiing and mountain biking. He got hooked on backpacking after taking a backpacking class his freshman year, and then got into outdoor rock climbing through Adventure Rec. Russell hopes to combine these hobbies and take up alpine touring and mountaineering someday.

  • Melanie Battle

    Melanie Battle

    Senior, Energy Engineering

    Melanie has loved the outdoors ever since she could walk. She loves hiking, backpacking, and everything nature has to offer. She dabbled with rock climbing since 7th grade, but didn't really get into it until a few years later when she ventured out to Seneca Rocks, WV. Ever since that first trip to WV, she's loved the state and everything it has to offer. Her first cave experience was in Trout Cavern in WV which sparked her ever growing passion for caving. She hopes to continue to learn and prosper throughout her time with Adventure Rec.

  • Steve Cline

    Steve Cline

    Junior, Wood Products

    Steve loves the outdoors because nothing man made can compare. he has been rock climbing since 2010 and has loved every minute of it. Pebble wrestling is his true passion when it comes to climbing, he loves the freedom of not having a rope attached to him. He has also been mountain biking since 2009 in addition to his other hobbies: woodworking, kayaking, hiking, camping, cycling and raquetball.

  • Emily Paskewicz

    Emily Paskewicz

    Senior, Landscape Architecture and Geography

    Emilys love of the outdoors started with family canoe expeditions at age five and has only grown from there. She spends her summers as a camp counselor teaching kids to backpack, conserve, and love nature while running barefoot in the woods and napping in canoes as much as possible. Her favorite outdoor activities include backpacking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, trail running, and skiing, just to name a few!

  • Jared Yarnell-Schane

    Jared Yarnall-Schane

    Senior, Mechanical Engineering

    Jared grew up at a camp in the beautiful Pocono Mountains where he fell in love with the outdoors. He loves adventure programming and watching groups work together to achieve a common goal. During his free time he likes to go hiking, camping, caving, and to hang out in his hammock. Jared is excited to continue sharing his passion for the outdoors by working with Adventure Rec, and expects to have ablast doing so.

  • Christina Spohn

    Christina Spohn

    Junior, Recreation, Parks and Tourism Management

    Christina loves pretty much everything about being outside. She was born and bred north of Pittsburgh, PA and has been camping since the ripe old age of 9 months old. She is a lifelong Girl Scout and enjoys teaching kids all about the outside world, especially spiders! She also spends her summers working on trails throughout the National Park system. Her favorite outdoor activities include backpacking, canoeing, hiking, swimming and just plain ol' campin' out!

  • Jessica Gambrill

    Jessica Gambrill

    Senior, Biobehavioral Health

    Jessica loves being outside because it is a constant reminder of how the Earth's beauty is a romantic gesture to humankind. She's been hiking since she was a little girl in the mountains of the Philippines and continued to hike in the various places she lived in, such as Japan, Hawaii, Florida, and Maryland. She recently got into rock climbing last spring and hopes to contribute her passions and knowledge to others through Adventure Recreation. In addition, her other passions include dancing, traveling, and having spontaneous adventures.

  • Andy Muntean

    Andy Muntean


    Andy's love for the outdoors began at age 4 when he started alpine skiing and it only flourished over time. He has spent time over 15 summers in the Muskoka district of Northern Ontario engaging in various illicit activities such as canoeing, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking and fishing. Andy is also a dedicated distance runner and cyclist. In his spare time he enjoys engaging in conversations about politics, religion, fine art and classic literature, normally over a glass of scotch. After graduation, Andy plans to complete his commercial pilot license and begin a career as a bush pilot in Alaska, or attend Law school.

  • Donavin Stanley

    Donavin Stanley

    Sophomore, Chemical Engineering

    Donavin is a native Pennsylvanian who loves to spend his time outdoors. Hiking, camping, caving, and rock climbing are a few of his favorite outdoor activities and he hopes to expand this list as he gets more involved with Adventure Recreation. Donavin also enjoys long-distance running and is going to run a Spartan Sprint this summer (2013). Donavin is also a member of PSU Engineers Without Borders and works at the Rioux Lab at Penn State.

  • Andrew (Andy) Sarcinello

    Andrew (Andy) Sarcinello

    Senior, Civil Engineering

    Andrew has always loved outdoor activities such as hiking, paddling, and especially fishing. In 2009 he began targeting trout with the fly rod and has been a fly fishing addict ever since. He mostly enjoys fishing small, remote trout streams but also has some experience fly fishing ponds for bass and even saltwater bays for red drum and bluefish. Andy loves showing friends around the local streams and helping them catch fish. Andy is also a member of the Penn State Fly Fishing Club, mentors for PSU Engineering Orientation Network, and runs on the PSU club track team.