Summer 2014 Trips

To register for a trip, come to the Adventure Recreation Center (ARC) in room 133A White Building. Bring your PSU ID, health insurance card, and cash payment.

Trips are ALL-INCLUSIVE. Transportation, gear, equipment, and lodging is covered in the trip cost. Food is included on OVERNIGHT trips ONLY.

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Rock Climbing: Donation Rock, PA (9am-5pm, est.)

5/31/2014. Registration Opens 5/19, 9:00am
Student: TBD   Affiliate: TBD   
Join us for a day of rock climbing and rappelling at Donation Rock! This climbing area features a variety of climbing routes and rock formations for both beginners and veterans alike. This day trip is great for learning “the ropes” or fine tuning your climbing techniques.

Hiking: Ricketts Glen, PA (8am-8pm, est.)

6/14/2014. Registration Opens 5/19, 9:00am
Student: TBD   Affiliate: TBD   
This day hike on the Falls Trail of Ricketts Glen, PA will be sure to shock you with beauty. This trail has been rated one of the top-day hikes in the country for its beautiful waterfalls and challenging terrain. ***This hike is long and challenging so hikers should be in good physical condition. We also highly recommend hiking BOOTS.***

Challenge Course: Vertical Adventures, Stone Valley, PA, (5pm-9pm, est.)

6/20/2014. Registration Opens 5/19, 9:00am
Student: TBD   Affiliate: TBD   
Do you like to high intensity thrills? Are you ready to push yourself to the limit in complete darkness? Well if you are, come with us to Stone Valley’s high ropes course and put yourself to the test. Put your skills to work as you traverse through the course while you dangle from your harness up to 35 feet off the ground!

Caving: Hipple Cave, PA (10am-5pm, est.)

6/28/2014. Registration Opens 5/19, 9:00am
Student: TBD   Affiliate: TBD   
Join us for a day trip of caving and spelunking at Hipple cave. Who doesn’t like to explore the depths of an awesome cave and get a little muddy at the same time?

White Water Rafting: Upper Youghiogheny River, PA (8am-8pm, est.)

7/12/2014. Registration Opens 6/2, 9:00am
Student: TBD   Affiliate: TBD   
Want to go on an adventure this summer that will keep you cool the whole time? If so, join us for our white water rafting trip to the Upper Yough. This rafting trip will include some of the most intense white water in Pennsylvania. With rapids from class 1 to class 5, this trip will be thrilling for both newcomers and experienced rafters.

Kayaking/Canoeing: Raystown Lake, PA, (10am-7pm, est.)

7/19/2014. Registration Opens 6/2, 9:00am
Student: TBD   Affiliate: TBD   
Are you looking for a fun and relaxing day on the lake? Do you want to cool off on a hot summer day? Come with us to kayak one of largest lakes in PA! This lake is a great place to chill out or to learn and practice your kayaking skills.

Fun Fact

All 121 State Parks in Pennsylvania feature free admission.

Scuba Diving

Interested in learning to SCUBA dive or go SCUBA diving, we offer SCUBA courses.