Adventure Recreation Internships

2013-14 Full-time, Paid Internship:
Status: Closed

2013-14 Semester Internships:

We offer two, semester-long intern positions during the Fall and Spring semesters. Both positions are open.

Please direct further questions, resume and cover letter to:
Jeff Chismar, Adventure Recreation Program Coordinator
140 White Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 865-2472 (office)
(814) 863-2851 (fax)

For further information, please see our Job Posting at

Outdoor Orientation Program

If you are interested in becoming an Adventure Recreation Trip Guide or want to know how you can get invloved, please contact Jeff Chismar, Adventure Recreation Program Coordinator.

Outdoor Workshops & Seminars

Throughout the semester, we offer seminars of all kinds. These are led by Adventure Recreation's trip guides. A schedule of our workshops and seminars will be coming soon.