Class Descriptions

Note: Not all classes are offered every semester.


ballsandbandsButts & Guts
Come try this non-cardio based class that will leave you wanting more. This class is a perfect way to expand upon your personal workout routine of squats, lunges, crunches, and planks!
bootcampCircuit Conditioning

Try out this highly efficient circuit workout utilizing weights, body bars, gliding disks, BOSU, and more! Each class includes a combination of both aerobic exercise and strength training with a goal of elevating the heart rate & burning maximum calories in minimal time. Great for all fitness levels from beginner to advance —you choose your intensity!

bootcamp Calorie Killer

This high intensity interval training class combines both cardio and muscle segments to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. Leave at the end feeling both exhausted and exhilirated!

washboardWashboard Abs
Strengthen the muscles in your mid-section and low-back in this short targeted workout that will leave your whole core burning, but still keep you wanting more.
circuittrainingHatha Yoga
This yoga practice is traditionally delivered through a slower, more meditative pace. This does not imply that the class is easier, bur rather offers a different approach to centering and focus.
Full Body Workout
Are you looking for a workout that incorporates both cardio and muscle? Then Full Body Workout is perfect for you. This class changes on a daily basis consisting of half cardio and half muscle segments. The cardio can be any of the cardio classes that we offer and the added muscle will allow you to leave at the end of class both sweaty and satisfied.
cyclingIndoor Cycling
No matter what the weather is like outside you can always come and ride with us. This class is perfect for all fitness levels a like and allows you to get the workout that you came to get. Cycle to music that will push you through the hard hills and motivate you to go just a little bit faster.
TOWEL POLICY: Every patron must bring a towel with them to class in order to participate.
kickboxKickboxing Aerobics
Feeling frustrated and in need of a good workout session? Come try kickboxing aerobics. Get your heart rate and blood pumping as you punch, kick, and block your way through mini cardio combos.
morning workoutMorning Workout
Wake up, get out of bed, and jumpstart your day with a total body workout that involves cardio and muscle work and varies from day to day.
So you want to be toned but not bulky? Give our Pilates Workout a try! This class combines principles & techniques of general fitness with the core-strengthening moves of Pilates for a great workout.
power remixPower Remix!
Come join the party each and every day by dancing to all of your favorite songs. If you enjoy Zumba then you will definitely love this class. Get ready to sweat but have a ton of fun doing it. You will never want this class to end!
This class makes for a great cardiovascular workout by using unique combinations of moves on a raised platform. The step platforms are adjustable, making this a great class for all fitness levels.
tabata training  Total Body Tabata
Are you looking for a class that is different each week? Total Body Tabata is a coaching style class that offers a shock to your system by giving something a little outside of the normal workout routine. This class will push you to your limits by incorporating drills, intervals, and exercises often done during sports practices or training sessions.
totalmuscleTotal Muscle Challenge (TMC)
Be prepared to leave both sweaty and satisfied by the end of this muscle conditioning class. Utilize both body weight and added weight to work all your body's major muscle groups through multiple reptitions and get your heart rate up by combining multiple exercises together.
vinyasa yoga Vinyasa Yoga
This practice focuses on joining poses in a smooth, rapid pace where one pose flows into the next rather than holding poses. Vinyasa is a unique blend of mobility, stability, and tranquility.
cyclingCardio Blast

This all cardio workout is comprised of 2-4 different cardio class formats (Step, Hi/Lo, Kickboxing, Power Remix, Bosu, etc.). This class is ideal for anyone that enjoys variety and wants to sweat. Your feet are sure to stay moving.

x training
Come to this class expecting to challenge yourself by pushing yourself to your limits during each interval. This class pairs muscle based moves with cardio moves to provide a circuit style workout that allows you to take your workout to the next level. No need for a sense of rhythm - just a desire to sweat.
yogaFitness Yoga
A mind/body focused class that can be practiced by any participant with an overall goal of improving upon ones fitness, flexibility, and focus in a relaxing manner. Various poses with progressions will work to improve both body alignment and kinesthetic awareness.
This class will combine the core stability, limb mobitlity of Pilates moves and the stretching and strengthening from Yoga to create a complete experience. The breathing techniques of Yoga are used to help find the connection to the deepest layer of abdominal muscles, and the core stability is used to find clear alignment and support. This faster paced combo of moves will raise the heart rate leaving you feeling powerful.
Join the party!  This fun, easy-to-follow, format will introduce you to international dance moves and rhythms.  The classes are taught by instructors who are not only licensed Zumba® instructors but also Certified PSU Fitness instructors. You’ll get the best blend of traditional Zumba® flavor with the appropriate dose of fitness options thrown in. 
Barre Fitness
Barre Fitness incorporates toning and resistance exercises while utilizing barres, balls and light weights for an effective, non impact workout. Barre employs the interval overload method to continuously increase your heart rate by targeting specific muscle groups. After fatiguing your targeted muscle group, stretching immediately follows. By the end of this class you will feel accomplished and happy you came. Bonus - you can do this class in your bare feet for optimum efficiency.
Power Core Conditioning
Power Core Conditioning focuses on the abs, glutes, and back area by sequencing a combination of planks, push ups and functional exercises designed to challenge even the toughest middles. PCC will rely predominantly on body weight but could also incorporate fitness equipment to enhance your workout. PCC will also include some stretching and balancing exercises.
Quick HIIT
HIIT, short for high intensity interval training, is a fitness class that combines bursts of high intensity work with short bouts of recovery. The class is a 30 minute workout designed to challenge participants using different body weight movements every week including lunges, squats, push ups, and burpees. Quick HIIT is gym class, ramped up.
Barbell Training
Barbell Training is a fitness class that combines continuous cardiovascular activity with light to moderate barbell training. The weight training is performed using a standard straight barbell and weight plates attached to both sides. Plates are also used off-bar and individually for load. This class will take your muscle endurance to the next level. The class is performed in tracks with breaks between sections allowing time for re-loading bars.


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