Jill Garrigan
Program Coordinator
8 White Building
University Park, PA 16802
6 Jill has been the program coordinator for PSU Fitness since 1995. She is originally from State College, PA and obtained her Bachelor's degree from Penn State in 1986. Jill is responsible for the creation and implementation of the nationally recognized Instructor Training Program that currently exists at Penn State Fitness. Without her direction and vision PSU Fitness would not be where it is today. Jill has been teaching fitness instructors how to teach for the Kinesiology Department at Penn State for over 10 years.
Jill is a nationally certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Aqua-fitness teacher, Yoga instructor, and Schwinn cycling instructor. In her 31+ years as an instructor Jill has learned to teach nearly every genre of group exercise and enjoys the opportunity to teach a number of different classes on the diverse PSU Fitness schedule. She works with recreational patrons; both student and faculty/staff, as well as varsity athletes. Currently Jill enjoys teaching indoor cycling the most and wishes to bring more specialty fitness classes to the PSU Fitness program in the near future.
Storm Riddle
Sr. Asst. Program Coordinator
115 White Building
University Park, PA 16802
6 Storm first joined the PSU fitness team in 2002 as an instructor while completing her Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology at the University. She left after graduation to pursue work in sunny Arizona and gained experience in both municipal and university recreation programming while completing her Master's degree at University of Arizona in Higher Education with a concentration in Public Health. After an 8 year leave of absence ☺ Storm returned to Penn State in the fall of 2013.
Storm is an AFFA certified Fitness Instructor and an ACSM Public Health Specialist. She has experience in teaching at the post-secondary level as an adjunct instructor in both Health Education and Fitness. Currently Storm enjoys teaching anything with the stability ball or BOSU, but more than teaching classes she enjoys teaching others how to become instructors through the PSU Instructor Training Program. Storm would like to extend the reach of PSU fitness on campus and hopes to bring a variety of classes to additional locations.
Pam Glanert
Health Promotion Specialist
115 White Building
University Park, PA 16802
6 Pam has been working for Penn State University for 21 years. Most recently she joined the athletics department to continue to offer support for the Faculty/Staff Reserved classes through the Health Matters Employee Wellness Program. Pam is licensed practical nurse for 41 years and became interested in employee wellness programming upon working for OHR. Currently Pam spends half her time administering the CPR/AED grant and the Wellness Ambassador Grant for the campuses through the Office of Human Resources and half her time with program development and oversight for the faculty staff reserved classes through PSU fitness. Pam's love of educating all around her about health, safety, and wellbeing is evident through her actions and she plans to continue doing just that with her time at Penn State.

Rachel Nestor
Asst. Program Coordinator
115 White Building
University Park, PA 16802
6 Rachael joined the PSU Fitness team back in 2011 as an instructor. Rachael quickly became proficient at many of the class offerings through PSU Fitness and currently enjoys teaching Power Remix, Calorie Killer, and Step the most. She recently graduated with her bachelor's degree in statistics and is not quite sure of her next move. Whatever the move though it will most likely involve her love of fitness & cats!

Emily Banach
Asst. Program Coordinator (Interim)
115 White Building
University Park, PA 16802
6 Emily joined the PSU Fitness team in the Fall of 2010 as an instructor. Emily truly enjoys teaching coaching style classes and looks forward to working more with the staff this coming year.
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