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Campus Recreation is dedicated to providing the University community the opportunity to participate in recreation, sports and fitness activities with the emphasis on fair play, healthy living and development of proper social skills.


  1. To make recreational opportunities available to the University population.
  2. To encourage involvement in Campus Recreation as a supplement to the academic experience.
  3. To ensure diverse offerings which adapt to the needs of the participants.
  4. To instill principles of leadership, fair play, sportsmanship and teamwork.
  5. To promote patterns of behavior that lead to a healthy lifestyle.
  6. To ensure the opportunity for self-directed recreation.
  7. To encourage advanced levels of participation through sports clubs.
  8. To provide employment and leadership development opportunities for students.
  9. To provide an environment which fosters acceptance of and respect for all members of a diverse university community.


It is the goal of Campus Recreation is to provide an all-encompassing campus recreation program in a modern recreation facility. This program will include proper professional staffing, graduate assistant staffing and diverse program offerings, which are supported by a common recreation fee. Additional funding will be through special fees paid by non-students, including faculty and staff user fees and facility rental fees.

Additional goals include the following

  • Utilize modern technology to encourage involvement as a supplement to the academic experience. This would include on-line registration, facility reservations and league scheduling. This would also include restricted facility access, web site enhancement, satellite offices, on-field participation verification, and expanded equipment issue.
  • Survey students to provide direction on current and future program offerings. Appoint a student advocacy group to voice recreation concerns.
  • Provide students with direction and support in developing leadership skills, through fair play and good sportsmanship.
  • Maintain safety standards within recreational facilities, including controlled access buildings, security personnel, proper ventilation, secure and convenient storage locations.
  • Modify and expand group exercise programs and facilities. Develop additional classroom, office and media viewing areas to maintain the highest level of training and development of instructors.
  • Coordinate scheduling of facilities, which provide opportunities for those participants interested in open recreational activities.
  • Utilize students in a work setting that includes scheduling of activities, supervision of events, sports officiating, facility reservation, event management, judicial decisions and instruction.