Penn State Fitness Centers Trainer Program

What are the job duties of a PSU Fitness Center Trainer?

  • Maintain safety and facility policies out on the floor of the fitness center
  • Demonstrate proper exercise techniques
  • Assist patrons with spotting
  • Answer patron questions
  • Lead "Get Fit" appointments including demonstrating basic work-out essentials and creating individualized work-out plans
  • Act as a mentor for Assistant Trainers and other Kinesiology students
  • Clean and maintain equipment
  • Assist with other facility duties when necessary

Who may become a PSU Fitness Center Trainer?

Anyone who is interested in completing the Trainer Program may sign up. The Program requires one full semester and at least part of a second semester (possibly a full second semester) to complete. Completion of the Program does not guarantee employment as a Trainer. You must demonstrate mastery knowledge and skill to be approved by the Fitness Center Staff. (It is recommended that individuals who still have several semesters remaining at Penn State join the program.)

What will I learn and do in The Trainer Program?

the program is run through a course called Kinesiology 93 - Introduction to Strength and Personal Training and is designed to provide hands-on practical experience in the Fitness Centers along with classroom instruction.

  • Learn fundamental concepts of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology related to strength training and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Study how to properly execute strength training exercises for all muscle groups
  • Understand different types of equipment and how the equipment works different parts of the body
  • Practice strength and cardio exercises in the Fitness Centers
  • Learn how to construct safe and effective work-outs based on programming guidelines and exercise prescription methods
  • Understand how to communicate and coach a participant through a work-out
  • Practice training participants using various programming methods

How do I register for the PSU Trainer Program?

  • Check the University Registrar's schedule of courses to see if the Trainer Program is being offered for the semester.
  • Register for the course just as you would for any other course on ELION.

What happens after KINES 93?

Upon successful completion of KINES 93, the Fitness Center staff will determine who will be hired as an Assistant Trainer for the following semester. An Assistant Trainer will be paid and perform the following duties and activities before being considered for promotion to Trainer status.

  • Work in the Fitness Centers and assist with daily operations including:
    • Maintaining safety, rules, and regulations
    • Assisting with check-in desk duties
    • Offering exercise assistance and spotting
    • Cleaning and maintaining the equipment
  • Design hypothetical work-outs for a wide range of situations
  • Discuss how to communicate properly in trainer-participant interviews and work-out sessions
  • Practice the execution of one-on-one trainer-participant work-outs

Please Note: employment as a Trainer is not guaranteed. All Trainer Program requirements must be mastered and the Fitness Center Staff must approve you for a position.

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