Membership Information

Penn State’s Fitness Membership offers access to some of the finest Weight/Cardio Training Centers, Fitness Classes and indoor Aquatic (separate pass for non-students) Facilities in the country. Student memberships must be purchased on-line with the Bursars account through the eLion web page. Faculty and Staff memberships may be purchased on-line or at the membership sales desk in White Building (Room 146). Both single semester and multi-semester memberships are available for Students and Fac/Staff members.

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  • Student Recreational Fitness Pass
    Student Fitness Memberships provide access to three fitness facilities, student aerobics classes, the indoor pools and the roller hockey rink during scheduled hours of operation.

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  • Faculty/Staff Recreational Fitness Pass
    Fac/Staff Fitness Memberships provide access to four fitness facilities and aerobics classes during designated operating hours/classes.

Admission/Guest Pass

  • Single admission “guest” passes are available for guests of current membership holders and may be used to access one of the Fitness Facilities or attend and aerobics class. Admission Pass users must use the pass in the facility in which it is purchased and will be required to show a picture ID for purchase and access.