Policies and Procedures

  • Student memberships must be purchased on-line, Fac/Staff memberships may be purchased on-line or at the White Building. Intercollegiate Athletic facilites are available to athletes at no additional membership fee.
  • The University id+ card with verification of a valid membership (or picture ID and valid Fitness Membership Card) must be presented for admission to recreational fitness facilities and exercise classes.
  • The University id+ card must be presented for admission to both Recreational Weight Rooms and Intercollegiate Athletic Facitlies.
  • All patrons must be at least 18 years old (unless a University student). The Intercollegiate Athletic facilities are closed to nonathletes.
  • Participants exercise at their own risk.
  • Appropriate exercise clothing is required for admittance. This includes a shirt and shoes. Sandals are not permitted in the weight training or cardio facilities
  • Use of outside equipment is restricted to weight belts, gloves, straps and wraps. Any other device is prohibited without approval by the professional staff in the room.
  • Facility and class participant limits are strictly enforced.
  • Participants agree to follow the written and verbal instruction provided by class instructors and/or on site training/supervisory staff.
  • Facility hours are subject to change.
  • Facility space and equipment availablity is not guaranteed.
  • In recreational facilities, there is a 20 minute limit on cardio equipment in all facilities.
  • The room priorities for the recreational facilities are as follows: scheduled recreation, general recreation, special events, classes. Intercollegiate Athletic facilities are for use by athletes only.
  • There are NO REFUNDS on membership purchase.
  • DO NOT drop, bounce, throw or otherwise abuse free weights,
    dumbbells or machines.
  • Return all equipment to its proper place after use including free weights, collars, dumbbells, pads, bars and benches.
  • Observe weight room etiquette.
  • Do not monopolize equipment, wipe off equipment when finished
    allow others to work through, strip bars completely when finished.
  • Use of spotter and safety collars is recommended.
  • Stand away from equipment being used by others.
  • Please report any malfunction of equipment to the attendant.
  • Disregard for any rules/regulations, posted guidelines, or verbal directions provided by the attendant may result in expulsion from the facility and loss of facility privileges.