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Urgent Notices

  • Lifeguards Needed - Summer Incentive Rate $12/hour. See employment page for more information.


Admission & Fees

Single admission, Semester and Annual pool passes are available for purchase at the Customer Service desk located near the locker rooms at the McCoy Natatorium. The Customer Service Desk is staffed Monday - Friday from 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM and Sundays from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Our recreational swim times are considered public events. As such, parents are expected to supervise their minor children at all times.

All pool passes must be presented to the Customer Service attendant on the pool deck.

Students with Fitness Pass memberships must present their ID to the Customer Service attendant on the pool deck who will swipe your ID to verify your FitPass membership. Those with Semester or Annual passes should present their pass to the Customer Service attendant on the pool deck.  Those without their passes will be asked to return to the locker room to recover the pass.  No admission will be allowed without a valid pass.

Please note that Faculty/Staff FitPass memberships DO NOT include swimming pool use, either at the Natatorium or the White Building pools.

Memberships to the natatorium indoor pools are available for individuals and families on a semester or annual basis which corresponds to the following academic schedule:

  • Indoor Pools: Fall Semester 2014 Pass
  • Indoor Pools: Spring Semester 2015 Pass
  • Indoor Pools: Summer Semester 2014
  • Indoor Pools: Annual Pass: Fall 2014 - Summer 2015 (Only sold in August/September)**

Indoor Pool Passes are valid only at the Indoor Pools. Both the Natatorium Indoor Pools and the White Building pool operate on a very limited schedule over the summer months and may close during certain periods for maintenance or special events, including swim meets and sport camps. By conducting maintenance and repairs over the summer, we are able to minimize interruptions in service during the academic year. Please plan your purchase acccordingly.

*** Note:  The Natatorium Indoor Pools are expected to be closed for Summer 2015 (May - August) for a retiling project. 

Indoor Pool Admission Fees:

Download our Semester/Annual Membship Application, complete bring to the Customer Service Desk at the McCoy Natatorium (Mon-Fri 7:30am - 2:00pm) or to White Building Room 146 between 9am and 4pm. 

We are happy to send your pass via interoffice mail to faculty/staff who send in a fully-completed pass request form along with payment.  For faster service, please visit the Natatorium's Customer Service desk Monday-Friday from 7:30am - 2:00pm.

Individual Memberships to the Indoor Pools

Faculty / Staff Annual and Semester Memberships are valid at both White Building and McCoy Natatorium indoor pools. (Note: During Summer 2015 the McCoy Natatorium Indoor Pools will be closed.)  Community memberships are also available and are limited to the McCoy Natatorium indoor pools.  Please review the hours of operation before purchasing your pass. 


Single Admission
(Sold at both White Building and McCoy Natatorium)

Penn State Student Single Admission
Student Semester Membership is included in your Fitness Membership: purchase online


Faculty / Staff Semester Membership

Faculty / Staff Annual Membership

*  Please note: The McCoy Natatorium indoor pools will be closed during Summer 2015.  During Summer 2015 construction, F/S Annual Memberships will only be recognized at the White Building Pool.  Outdoor Pool passes will be required for the Outdoor Pool.


Community Semester Membership

  *  Valid only at McCoy Natatorium Indoor Pools

  *  Not available Summer 2015


Community Annual Membership

  *  Valid only at McCoy Natatorium

  *  Not available for FY 2014/2015 
(Indoor Pools  are expected to be closed Summer 2015).


Lost Pass (1st time)

Full charge for the 2nd time pass is lost.



Family Memberships to the Indoor Pools

Family memberships are sold each semester for the indoor pools only.  These passes are intended for families with minor children.  Children aged 18 and older would need to purchase a separate adult membership or daily pass.


Student Family Semester Membership

  • Requires proof of Individual Fitness Membership for the purchasing student.
  • An "add-on" to the student's vald fitness membership to allow student's spouse/partner and minor children access to the Natatorium.
Faculty / Staff Family Semester Pass


Community Family Semester Pass



Self-service lockers are available for use by swimmers inside the Natatorium locker rooms.

  • Please bring your own padlock. Keys are not provided.
  • Padlocks must be removed daily. Any padlock left on a locker at the close of business will be cut and contents will be inventoried and placed in our Lost & Found for future disposal pursuant to University policies.
  • Locker Rental (Hallway Lockers) -- $25.00 per semester


For your convenience, we offer a towel service at the Natatorium. Towels may be obtained at the Customer Service Desk (indoors) or at main entry Outdoors.

  • Towel Fee -- $2.00 per towel OR
  • One-Time Towel Fee -- $20.00 (Buy a big Penn State towel ~ while supplies last ~ then exchange your used towel for a clean one). Note: Perpetual laundry service may be discontinued when the existing inventory of towels is depleted.
    • If you lose or forget your towel, you will need to purchase another or use our daily towel service ($2.00).


Outdoor Pool  

Passes for the Outdoor Pool may be purchased at the Customer Service desk located at the main entrance to the Outdoor Pool. For cash control purposes we are not able to sell these passes indoors, as each sale must be rung on the Outdoor Pool register.

Note: Indoor passes and Fitness passes may NOT be used for Outdoor Pool.

  • Single Admission -- $5.00
    Please note that refunds will not be given for inclement weather, including closures for raind and/or thunderstorms.

  • Multi-Pass -- 15 admissions for $60.00
    Multi-Pass tickets are non-refundable. Given the possibility for inclement weather, to avoid disappointment please consider whether you will be able to use all admissions prior to purchasing a pass. Once purchased there will be no refunds.

  • Student Single Admission -- $3.00/day
    Please note that refunds will not be given for inclement weather, including closures for raind and/or thunderstorms.

Birthday Parties & Pool Rentals

Have you thought about hosting a birthday party at the Natatorium? Our two-hour birthday party packages ($125) include one hour of swimming followed by an hour to celebrate cake and gift opening. Our birthday party package makes for a fun, affordable, and memorable way to celebrate your child's birthday. Contact us for more information at (814) 863-3928.


For all other programs and services please email us, or contact us at (814) 865-1432.