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Water Sports

Open Recreation

Swimming, Diving, Water Aerobics, Life Guard Training. Check various facilities for open pool times.

IM Sports

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Club Sports

Swimming, Synchronized Swim, SCUBA, Water Polo
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Penn State Aquatics is housed at University Park's award-winning McCoy Natatorium. We offer a wide range of aquatic and fitness programs for students, faculty, staff, members of the surrounding University Park community and visitors as well. For more information visit the McCoy Natatorium Site.

Outdoor Facility

There is one outdoor facility on campus. It is located adjacent to The Natatorium off of Bigler Road.

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Indoor Facilites

McCoy Natatorium

The primary indoor facility is in the Natatorium where you will find two full length competitive swimming pools as well as a diving well.

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White Building

The second facility is located adjacent to the White Building Fitness center and it used primarily for leisure lap swimming.

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