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Tennis Center Memberships

Member Privileges

  • Unlimited play on all 12 of the outdoor courts
  • Permanent court reservations for clay courts
  • Advance reservations for indoor play year round
  • Advanced permanent reservations for the indoor season
  • Reduced indoor rates
  • Lockers, showers, and changing area available
  • Leagues, socials, tournaments, newsletter, and practice ball machine available
  • Organized clinics
  • Free Parking


To become a member, visit our proshop today!

Penn State Tennis Center
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 865-1351

Annual members receive all the great benefits listed above for our low tennis center membership rates. No deposit or fee is required for free parking (not applicable to junior and student members). Come check out our facilities, staff, and programs to see how we can serve you!


This membership option has the same great advantages of a yearly membership except you choose the month(s) that fit your needs. Monthly memberships are not pro rated from date of purchase. Monthly membership dates cannot be altered. Monthly parking permits are issued for months of membership only. ($25 parking fee will be charged with the purchase of an adult membership and will be refunded with return of decal at expiration date. Discount does not apply). 5 months or more purchased at the same time will receive a 5% discount.

Membership Prices:

Annual membership PSU affiliate

  • Faculty/Staff $274.35
  • Retiree $219.30
  • Student $271.30
  • Junior $160.15
  • Adult Add on $160.15
  • Junior Add on $144.85

Non PSU Affiliate

  • Adult $403
  • Junior $160.15
  • Adult Add on $160.15
  • Junior Add on $150.00


PSU affiliate

  • Faculty/Staff $41.85
  • Retiree $26.50
  • Adult Add on $28.50
  • Junior Add on $26.50

Non PSU Affiliate

  • Adult $59.15
  • Adult $28.50
  • Junior Add on $26.50