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Coach Name Coach Email  
Don McCandless dlm74@psu.edu  
Goals and Experiences  
continue 40 year tradition of excellence in Isshinryu Karate via the Penn State Karate Club in the University student,faculty, staff communities  
Elizabeth Gabel elg5094@psu.edu  
Goals and Experiences  
Instruct and help students improve in Isshinryu Karate and self defense  
Jaeson Koszarsky sensei_koszarsky@yahoo.com  
Goals and Experiences  
Mentor the students in the methods and history of traditional Okinawan Karate and culture, and its application to daily life in order to develop good character, strength, self-defense and self-confidence.  
Jennifer Koszarsky sensei-koszarsky@yahoo.com  
Goals and Experiences  
Instruct the students in traditional Okinawan Karate and self-defense.