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   Korean Karate
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Coach Name Coach Email  
Itha Cao iyc79998999@gmail.com  
Goals and Experiences  
Train beginners and advanced students to improve their cardio conditioning, forms, flexibility, and techniques so they will become better martial artists.  
James Del Real captainjim@diamondjcharters.com  
Goals and Experiences  
To teach self defense and instill self confidence, and discipline to students.  
James H. Del Real captainjim@diamondjcharters.com  
Goals and Experiences  
To help build self confidence and self defense skills. To enhance their personal fittness as well.  
Milo S. thomas milo.s.thomas@gmail.com  
Goals and Experiences  
Help students reach goals for strength and condition as it relates to martial arts. Provide students with healthy lifestyle habits that can be used for a lifetime.  
Milo Thomas milo.s.thomas@gmail.com  
Goals and Experiences  
To teach healthy practices while training martial arts and improve strength and conditioning.