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   Nittany Grotto Caving
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Coach Name Coach Email  
Gary D Dunmire mudtube@yahoo.com  
Goals and Experiences  
To help educate student on the ecology, conservation, geology of caves and karst. Guide through doing to learn techniques for safe gaving.  
Gary D Dunmire mudtube@yahoo.com  
Goals and Experiences  
To educate students about caves and their environments. Practicing echo friendly techniques when caving.  
Katherine Thorwart kct5013@gmail.com  
Goals and Experiences  
I hope to work as a mentor to new cavers with the primary goals of teaching them conservation and save caving practices while encouraging them to explore the natural beauty and the personal challenges caves have to offer.  
Paul Winter pawwinter@gmail.com  
Goals and Experiences  
I would like to assist the students in creating a safe and enjoyable environment to foster a love a respect for caves and caving. I want to support club members and see the development of strong student leaders who manage the club and its activities in an efficient and professional manner. I want to see the club grow in its organization and membership while maintaining its core values and those of PSU and the club sports program.