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    Martial Arts (Tang Soo Do)
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Club Name: Martial Arts (Tang Soo Do)
Club Description: The Penn State Martial Arts Group provides a high level of teaching excellence. Its teachers are all Tang Soo Do black belts and World Tang Soo Do Association certified instructors. Senior instructors from the Penn State Martial Arts Group train regularly with the highest ranking members of the World Tang Soo Do Association. They have learned the history, philosophy, and protocol associated with the art, and are committed to passing these traditions on to the next generation of students. Great emphasis is placed on providing a safe environment in which to train. This includes the physical space, locker rooms and showers as well as the creation of a safe atmosphere in which a wide variety of students of both genders and all backgrounds can feel comfortable. The Penn State Martial Arts Group is a tightly knit organization where students gain a feeling of belonging from being part of the group. Many lifelong friendships can be found through training, and a deep feeling of trust and respect for one's fellow students and instructors is often gained. As a member studio of the World Tang Soo Do Association, we provide a strong connection to a world wide community of martial arts practitioners. The World Tang Soo Do Association has approximately 100,000 members in 30 countries world wide. It sets high standards for instruction, belt rank, conduct, and competition. Students who leave the State College area are able to continue their training at other association studios, and often find that they have "ready made" friends wherever there is a World Tang Soo Do studio. There are many benefits inherent in continued Tang Soo Do training. These include the development of powerful, effective defensive skills, increased strength of one's body, mind, and spirit, the abilities to teach and lead effectively, an increase in one's self esteem and self confidence, and improvement in one's health. There are, however, two primary goals in the practice of Tang Soo Do. The first goal is to learn to live in harmony with one's self and the surrounding world. The second goal is to develop social responsibility, to help others who are unable to help themselves. To do this, a martial artist must learn to effectively stand up for things he or she feels are important. Our goal is to provide the tradition, instruction, guidance, training space, and social context necessary for students who are serious about exploring the martial arts path.
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Club Website www.psmag.org
Contact Email: acg5261@psu.edu
Officer Name Position Email
Anthony Guidotti President acg5261@psu.edu
Jason Burke Secretary jwb5827@psu.edu
Steven Kraese Treasurer svk5521@psu.edu
Alex Scott Vice President axs5400@psu.edu