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Club Name: Kendo
Club Description: Kendo (剣道), or "way of the sword", is the Japanese martial art of fencing. It developed from the traditional swordsmanship called kenjutsu. Practitioners of kendo wear traditionally styled clothing (gi) and protective armor (bogu) and fight using one (and sometimes two) swords made of bamboo (shinai). Though kendo is called Japanese-style fencing, it is fundamentally different in its movements and the handling of the sword.
Club Office:
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Club Website www.clubs.psu.edu/up/psukendo/
Contact Email: kendo@psu.edu
Officer Name Position Email
Taihei Yamaguchi President tqy5058@psu.edu
Mahdy Zolghadr Treasurer moz5067@psu.edu
Timothy Brubaker Vice President trb5084@psu.edu