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[ IM General Rules PDF ]

These General Rules govern ALL IM sports in addition to the IM modifications specific to each sport. The following rules and procedures are intended to promote safe, fair and enjoyable competition among intramural participants. Any of these rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Intramural staff. The Recreational Sports Director reserves the right to issue any new rules or regulations that are deemed essential to the success of the program.


ELIGIBILITY: PSU photo ID+Cards are required for eligibility verification prior to each contest and at any given time.

PARTICIPANTS MUST BE:  full-time undergraduate students, registered graduate students, or faculty & staff members of Penn State University at University Park to be eligible for any IM sport. An individual who uses an assumed name, or plays under the name of another person, forfeits their right to participate further in the intramural program.

PLAYOFF TEAMS: No new players! Teams who advance to the playoffs (league ties included) may ONLY use players who have played in at least one regular season game for that team.

COACHES & SPECTATORS: are held to the same standards of conduct as participants.
See "Unsportsmanlike Conduct"

CLUB SPORTS PARTICIPANTS: Limits are placed on Club Sports participants to preserve the integrity of the Intramural program. Our programs are intended to serve the general student body; therefore, members of club sports will have the following limitations for intramural participation:

'TEAM' Club Sports: Traveling Team club members are limited to 2 players per team (roster) in the same or “like” sport, and they are encourages to play in the highest skill league that is offered; typically the major division. (ex. soccer club traveling players are limited to 2 players per IM soccer roster, baseball club participants are limited in IM softball.) The intramural staff retains the right to move teams into appropriate divisions.

'INDIVIDUAL' Club Sports:  Second year+ club members are either limited or restricted in IM play for the same individual activity. Refer to that sports IM registration details for limitations.
(ex. badminton, racquetball, squash, tennis, swimming, etc.

PGM MAJORS (Professional Golf Management): are limited in the golf "team" competition - 1 PGM student per golf team in any division. They are NOT eligible for an individual championship.

CURRENT & FORMER VARSITY and PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES: Current members of collegiate athletic teams (active squad roster on the date of the first varsity contest), fringe players (those who work out with a team, retain a locker and/or receive equipment), or anyone receiving an athletic grant-in-aid assistance shall be ineligible to compete in the same or "like" sport. Former varsity letter or award winners at this or any other four-year collegiate institution must wait one full calendar year from the date the letter was received to be eligible to participate in the same or "like" sport. Anyone who has been declared a professional athlete in a sport may not compete in that same or "like" sport until one full calendar year from the date of their last contest.

RESPONSIBILITY: Team Managers and IM Chairpersons are held responsible for informing all of the players on their team and abiding by these IM General Rules and the specific IM Sport Rules.

ENFORCEMENT: Protests on eligibility must be made in writing to the Rec Sports Office within 24 hours of the game in question. See "Protests"

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DIVISIONS of PLAY:  There are six (6) divisions for competition.

    • RESIDENCE HALL: For full-time undergraduate students living in campus Residence Halls. Any combination of males and females may participate in team and individual sports in this division. Individuals may only play on one team within a sport season.

    • FRATERNITY: For full-time members of an IFC registered Fraternity house. This includes IFC registered pledges. One team (team sports) and one individual (individual sports) may represent the Fraternity within a pointed sport, unless otherwise indicated on the specific sport flyer. The team or individual(s) representing each Fraternity will score points according to the point system toward the overall Fraternity champion.
      See "IM point system”

    • MEN'S: For males who do not play in the Residence Hall or Fraternity divisions, who are full-time undergraduate students, registered graduate students or faculty/staff members.

    • WOMEN'S: For females who do not play in the Residence Hall division, who are full-time undergraduate students, registered graduate students or faculty/staff members.

    • CO-REC: For all full-time undergraduate students, registered graduate students or faculty/staff members.
      A 50/50 ratio of males/females is required in the game.

    • OPEN: For any mix of males and females that are full-time undergraduate students, registered graduate students or faculty/staff members may play in this division. This division is only offered a few times during the year when the size of a sport is small and separate male and female divisions are not possible
      (ex. summer basketball, fall softball, some racquet sports).

COMPETITION LEVELS: Team sports in the Men's, Women's and the Co-Rec division will have two levels of competition offered. Note: when entries are low, these levels may be combined.

MINOR League – players have little organized experience at the high school or club level
MAJOR League – a majority of the players have experience at the high school or club level

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  • You may PLAY for only ONE TEAM within a sport.
  • You may PLAY in only ONE DIVISION within a sport. (the only exception is flag football only when Co-Rec and non Co-Rec divisions are offered simultaneously. You may play for one Co-Rec and one non Co-Rec team)
  • Playing in ONE game "declares your team" for the remainder of that sport. You cannot switch teams or brackets within a sport.

PSU photo ID+CARDS are REQUIRED for eligibility verification at ALL intramural contests.

CAN YOU ADD PLAYERS TO YOUR ROSTER? During the "Regular Season" you may add eligible players at any regular season game.  During the "Playoffs" (which includes league ties) you may NOT add any new players to your roster.

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1. SIGN-UP YOUR TEAM or YOURSELF: There are separate entry periods for each IM sport. Most entries are made at the counter of the Rec Sports Office, Room 2, IM Bldg. Office Hours: M-F, 8am-4:30pm. A few "special events" will register ON SITE just prior to the event. PSU photo ID+Cards will be required to register for any individual sports (ex. tennis, wrestling, track). Entries will close when all space is full or at 4:30pm on the last day of entry.

FREE AGENTS: Players looking for a team. Individuals who wish to play but do not have a team can sign up on the Free Agent list at the Rec Sports Office during the entry period for that sport. This list will be made available to any team that needs extra players. The Rec Sports office cannot guarantee participation.

WAITING LIST: when all space is full or after the close of entries for a sport a “Waiting List" will be on the office door. Additional entries are sometimes needed and contacts will be made from the "Waiting List”. There is no guarantee of inclusion into a sport.

2. CHOOSE your PLAY NIGHTS [League Formats}: choices vary from sport to sport and some have entry limits - see sport flyer for specifics on your sport.

  • INSTANT SCHEDULE:  choice of day and/or time from the available leagues.

  • STANDARD ENTRY: choice of Mon/Wed, Tue/Thur, or No Preference. As entries fill teams will be placed into No Preference when needed.

  • ROUND ROBIN NIGHT: choice of 1 night to play a small round robin event over a 1.5-2.0 hour time frame.

  • PLAY-BY-DATE: utilized in some individual sports where participants are given a "Play-by-Date" for each round to contact and play their current opponent at their convenience.

3. ATTEND the TEAM MANAGERS MEETINGS (if required): A team manager (or a team representative) is REQUIRED to attend a MANDATORY MANAGERS for any team sport that has a managers meeting requirement. The meeting is at 5:30pm on the evening of the last day of the entry period for that sport. If no representative is present at meeting time, the team will NOT be included in the schedule.

4. CHECK YOUR SCHEDULE - POSTED ONLINE: Ffollow the IM Schedules link to your sport, division, team or player name. The IM GENERAL RULES & IM SPORT RULES will govern all participants.

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  • TEAM JERSEYS w/ numbers are REQUIRED for FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL and SOCCER:  T-Shirts with a 6" number on the back are REQUIRED on all players. The number should be a 1 or 2 digit. They may be printed, marker or spray paint
    (NO TAPE) in a contrasting color.

  • PSU photo ID+CARDS are REQUIRED: CurrentPSU photo ID+Cards will be required for eligibility verification at all intramural contests. Supervised Sports: Valid PSU photo ID+Cards must be presented to the IM Official or Supervisor prior to the start of the contest. Late arrivals must first present their valid PSU photo ID+Card to the IM Supervisor for approval and then may participate.  Unsupervised Sports: Valid PSU photo ID+Cards must be presented to your opponent prior to each match - Honor System.

  • LOST or STOLEN ID+Card WAIVER: A waiver is available from the Rec Sports Office PRIOR TO PARTICIPATION. Report to the Rec Sports Office with [1] a picture ID and [2] proof of current student status (class schedule) or proof of current faculty/staff employment. The waiver is only valid for one contest and will be given to the game official as well as presenting some other valid photo ID. NOTE: Waivers CANNOT be granted "at the event".

  • EQUIPMENT: Limited equipment is available for all IM sports except golf clubs/balls and softball gloves. Any IM game issued equipment must be used (ie. softball bats, basketballs, soccer balls, etc.)  Protective eyewear is available for racquet sports.

  • PRACTICE: Field and court space is available on a first come / first serve basis. There are no fields or courts reserved for practice time.

6. GAME TIME is FORFEIT TIME ! to better serve the majority of teams that arrive before game time the following policy has been adopted:  If a team does not have the minimum number of players at the scheduled game time, the game will be called and either a default or forfeit will be recorded.

  • FORFEITS: Teams that have NO PLAYERS present on the field/court at game time will lose the game by forfeit.
    1 forfeit = team disqualification from that sport.

  • DEFAULTS: Teams that have some but not enough players to compete at game time will lose the game by default. Teams may inform the Rec Sports Office (865-5401) by 4:00pm on game day that they cannot play to receive a loss by default instead of a forfeit. 2 defaults = 1 forfeit, and will result in the team disqualification from that sport.

7. IT'S RAINING – WHAT SHOULD WE DO ? Rainout/Cancellation decisions are made no earlier than 4:00pm on game day.  Decisions are often held off until closer to game time if there is a reasonable chance that we may be able to play the games. A message will be put on our FACEBOOK page (Penn State Rec Sports) and answering machine as quickly as possible IF games have to be cancelled. Team managers can call the Rec Sports Office (865-5401) AFTER 4:00pm and then notify their teammates. Cancellations will result in a WIN for both teams. Rescheduling of regular season games is not possible. Playoff games will be rescheduled.  Check specific sport rules for games cancelled while in progress.


  • TEAM SPORTS (supervised): Unfortunately, it is NOT possible to reschedule any IM regular season game. Your team has a choice of play nights as you register your team. Check your schedules carefully, choose wisely, and plan accordingly. Several IM sports will overlap; it is suggested that you choose alternate play nights. Due to the size of our program and the limited facility space, it is not possible for the Rec Sports office to reschedule any regular season games.

  • INDIVIDUAL SPORTS (unsupervised): When there is mutual consent of those involved, matches may be rescheduled, provided they do not delay the advancement of the entire tournament. The Rec Sports office MUST be notified of any postponements and the Rec Sports staff must approve the rescheduled date.

9. WE MADE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS: Congratulations! A playoff schedule will be put together by the Rec Sports Office. Any night of the week must be used for playoff games and double headers may sometimes be scheduled. Regular season preferences can no longer be followed. A reasonable effort will be made to avoid conflicts when playoff games are scheduled. Teams with conflicts (ie. playing another IM Sport) should inform the Rec Sports office of conflicts prior to the scheduling of the playoffs.

10. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS ! Awards are given to the champion in each sport as follows:

Individual Sports: each individual champion will receive the traditional Penn State IM award block. T-shirts will also be awarded, when available.

Team Sports: all contributing members of a championship team (determined by a 50% or greater participation rule) will receive the traditional Penn State IM award block. T-shirts will also be awarded, when available.

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The possession and or consumption of alcohol or controlled substances are strictly prohibited in all Recreational Sports facilities and during all Intramural games.  This policy applies to all Intramural participants, coaches and spectators.  Any participant, coach or spectator under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances will not be allowed to participate or attend in any Intramural activity.  They will be asked to leave the facility immediately and are expected to comply.  Further disciplinary action may be taken if the participant or spectator is not compliant with the directive to leave.

FRATERNITY SUSPENSIONS (IFC): When the Rec Sports Office receives official notification from the IFC office of a fraternity suspension the following actions will immediately occur:

  • The fraternity is ineligible to continue participation in any active sport and cannot register for any upcoming sport.
  • The fraternity will not earn any fraternity points while suspended. Their opponents will receive notification of a win by suspension and will receive all related points.
  • If a fraternity suspension will impact playoffs: either the fraternity with the next best record from their league will advance prior to the playoffs starting or if the suspended fraternity has already advanced in the playoffs, a win by suspension will be awarded in the next round.
  • Official notification from the IFC office is required for any suspension regulations to be lifted.

JOBS - OFFICIATING IM SPORTS: We hire student officials for basketball, football, soccer, softball, volleyball and wrestling. Pre-season meetings are scheduled to aid your training to become a competent official. Any student wishing to become an intramural official should contact the Rec Sports office during the entry week for that sport at 814-865-5401 or stop by Room 2, IM Building.

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UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT of Players, Coaches & Spectators
    (Yellow / Red Card System)

Physical and/or verbal abuse directed toward players, officials, or supervisors will not be tolerated.  Unsportsmanlike conduct, rough play, and improper language/behavior will be handled through the yellow/red card system described below.  Coaches, players, and spectators will answer to this system:

YELLOW CARD: Using (undirected) foul or derogatory language; arguing calls or decisions made by intramural officials; mistreating the facility or the equipment of The Pennsylvania State University. Players receiving a yellow card will be removed from the contest while the supervisor completes the reporting process.  They must identify themselves, present their Penn State ID to the supervisor, and will be subject to a cooling-off period before being allowed to re-enter the contest. 

RED CARD:  Any physical or verbal abuse directed at intramural officials or other players/spectators. Players receiving a red card will be immediately removed from the contest.   Identification of the suspended individual must be confirmed (by either the individual or the captain) or the contest will not continue.  The individual will (then) be required to leave the premises, will be suspended from the next game, and must meet with the Director of Recreational Sports before being reinstated.


  • Physical or verbal abuse directed at an intramural official or supervisor will result in an automatic tournament suspension (no reinstatement).
  • Abusive language from unidentified spectators will result in the appropriate penalty plus the automatic (and immediate) removal of all fans for the duration of the tournament.

PLAYOFFS: Teams receiving a red card during playoffs will be immediately disqualified.  Individuals receiving a yellow card during playoffs will be disqualified from the remainder of the playoffs.  (This policy does not apply to non-conduct cards in the game of soccer).

COMPLIANCE: After being issued a yellow/red card, the individual must furnish his/her PSU photo ID+Card to the IM Supervisor/Staff.  Failure to do so will result in further disciplinary action against their team (i.e. tournament disqualification).  If a carded player refuses to divulge his/her name, a team manager or representative will be required to do so.  If the manager does not comply, the contest is forfeited and the team is barred from further competition until the necessary information has been supplied.

SUSPENDED INDIVIDUALS:  Before any suspended individual can be reinstated, he/she, accompanied by the house president (fraternity division) or team manager (all other divisions), must appear for review before the Rec Sport Director in Room 2, IM Building. This person must make an appointment at the convenience of the director. Additional sanctions may be enforced against any person(s) receiving a card. Action may also be taken against said individual's team. 


  • Teams (including coaches, spectators) receiving the equivalent of three yellow cards (three yellows or one red & one yellow) will be immediately removed from the tournament. 
  • When an individual is issued two yellow cards in the same contest, he/she will be ejected from the present contest, and will be suspended for the next scheduled game. When an individual accumulates two yellow cards in different contests, the person will be suspended from the game immediately following the issuance of the second yellow card.
  • Any individual accumulating three yellow cards or the equivalent thereof (i.e. 1 red and 1 yellow card), in a particular academic year, will be suspended from intramural activities for a period of one year. They will also be subject to review by the Rec Sports Department before being reinstated the following year. Any team accumulating three or more yellow cards (or equivalent thereof) in a particular tournament will be disqualified from that tournament and will be subject to review by the Rec Sports Department.

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PROTESTS: Eligibility and Rule Protests

INELIGIBLE PLAYER Policy: Penn State ID+Cards will be required for eligibility verification prior to each contest and at any given time. Refer to the "ELIGIBILITY" and "ONE TEAM" sections for details on eligibility.
The use of "ineligible players" will result in:

  • Default of Game* involved.
  • Ineligibility of Player from future IM play within that sport.
  • Ineligibility of both Teams for playoffs within that sport.

    *Eligibility violations discovered after the 24-hour limit will NOT result in game default; however #2 & #3 will still apply

If you suspect an ineligible player DURING A GAME: Make your game official aware of the situation immediately. The official should ask for assistance from the supervisor on duty.

If you suspect an ineligible player AFTER A GAME: You have a 24-hour limit from game time to submit a written protest to the Rec Sports Office to receive a "Win by Default". (Submit a written protest to the Rec Sports Office by 5:00pm of the next business day.) Teams found to involve ineligible players will be dealt with according to the above policy. Provide the players name (if possible), team name, game date, time and location, and why you believe they are ineligible to assist with verification.

RULE PROTESTS: Must be handled immediately following the play or decision on the field. If you believe a rule has been interpreted or applied incorrectly by the game official: Keep your Cool!  Ask for an "Officials Time-Out" to discuss the rule with the official or a supervisor. Refuse to play if the official does not grant the time-out. The supervisor will make a final ruling on your field.  Judgment calls by an official cannot be protested.

Unsupervised Sports: like tennis, racquetball, golf etc. are on the Honor System. Opponents should discuss the rule and make a mutual decision or declare a "replay". Questions should be directed to the Rec Sports office for future clarification.

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STATEMENT of RISK: The intramural participant is encouraged to consider their personal health and physical condition prior to participation in intramural activities. Such participation involves physical exertion, fundamental skills for that sport or activity, and may involve contact with another participant. The participant, being aware of any conditions predisposing them to injury or illness, and in consideration of the inherent physical exertion and possible contact involved in intramural participation, may wish to seek the advice of a physician prior to participation or may choose not to participate at all. The intramural program carries NO INSURANCE. Therefore, participants are encouraged to purchase insurance that will cover them in the case of an injury occurring as a result of participation. The intramural staff will do everything possible to provide suitable and safe playing facilities with supervision. When available, a certified athletic trainer will supervise students in athletic training who will provide emergency care as needed. In a case of serious injury, the certified trainer's recommendation will be followed.

NONDISCRIMINATION STATEMENT: The Pennsylvania State University is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to programs, facilities, admission and employment without regard to personal characteristics not related to ability, performance, or qualifications as determined by University policy or by state or federal authorities. It is the policy of the University to maintain an academic and work environment free of discrimination, including harassment. The Pennsylvania State University prohibits discrimination, harassment against any person because of age, ancestry, color, disability or handicap, genetic information, national origin, race, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status and retaliation due to the reporting of discrimination or harassment. Discrimination, harassment, or retaliation against faculty, staff or students will not be tolerated at The Pennsylvania State University.     http://guru.psu.edu/POLICIES/Ad42.html

Direct all inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policy to the Affirmative Action Director, The Pennsylvania State University, 328 Boucke Building, University Park, PA 16802.

ACCOMMODATION STATEMENT: The Pennsylvania State University encourages qualified persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided, please contact the Director of Recreational Sports, at (814) 865-5401 in advance of your participation.

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