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All lake and water-related activities at Lake Perez will return summer 2014.


Lake Perez may be closed for now, but keep us in mind for your future plans. Head offshore and explore Stone Valley from a different perspective. Discover beautiful views and enjoy calmness unique to being on the waters of Lake Perez. Stone Valley offers paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, rowboats, pontoons and sailboats for rental. Consider spending a portion or all of your day on the lake.

Rental Season:

First weekend of April through last weekend of October (weather conditions may affect the opening and closing dates).


Available to certified sailors. Those who wish to rent sailboats must present card or similar sailing certification. Those with previous sailing experience can get certification from Stone Valley by passing a sailing test.


Visitor-provided electric motors may be used with Stone Valley’s licensed rowboats.


RENTALS Public PSU Students    
Paddle boats (2- & 4-person) $8.50/half-hour $7.75/half-hour    
Canoes (seat 1-3) $9.00/hour $8.50/hour    
Rowboats (seat 1-3) $9.00/hour $8.50/hour    
Kayaks (seat 1) $9.00/hour $8.50/hour    
Sailboats (seat 2) $9.75/hour $9.00/hour    
RENTALS W/ CABINS 24 hours 48 hours weekly  
Canoes (seat 1-2) $20.00 $30.50 $70.50  
Rowboats (seat 1-4) $20.00 $30.50 $70.50  
PONTOONS (seat 5)
  1hr =
n/a n/a
GROUP RENTALS (6 or more boats reserved in advance)
Canoes (seat 1-2) $7.00/hour      
Rowboats (seat 1-4) $7.00/hour      
Safety Boats (w/ Staff Operator) $27.25/hour      
PRIVATE BOATS General w/ Cabin Rental    
Daily Launch $8.75/day $2.00/day    
SEASONAL OPTIONS Public PSU Students    
Season Launch $26.50 $18.50    
Season Storage $73.00 $62.50    


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